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Public input and comment is critical to the success of this project. To this end, we offer three ways for you to "share your thoughts" regarding the project.

First, you may dial the phone number listed below and ask to speak to the Mayview Service Area Planning Coordinator;

Second, you may ‘click’ on the email address below and share your thoughts via email; or,

Third, you may click on the "Bulletin Board" link below. The Bulletin Board is designed to allow you to freely comment on the process. In order to use the Bulletin Board you must first register by clicking on the "Register" link on the top of the page (Note: you do not need to use your real name nor a valid email in order to register; however, if you choose to use a real email address, it will be hidden to all users except the bulletin board administrator. If you do decide to use actual information, it is our policy not to disclose this information). If you need assistance, please click on the "help" button.

The Bulletin Board will be moderated. We appreciate you respecting others and their opinions by using common sense and good manners.

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