Quality Improvement/Outcomes
  QIO Report 12/15/2010
  CIS QI Allegheny County Survey 12/15/2010 QIO Meeting
  QIO Report 8/11/2010
  QIO Meeting Presentation 8/11/2010
  QIO Report 4/7/2010
  QIO Meeting Presentation 4/7/2010
  QIO Report 12/9/2009
  QIO Meeting Presentation 12/9/2009
  Meeting Notes from the 8/26/09 QIO Meeting
  QIO Report 8/26/2009
  QIO Meeting Presentation 8/26/2009
  Updates from Counties Regarding the QIO Priority Areas 5/13/2009
  QIO Meeting Presentation - 5/13/2009
  QIO Report 5/13/2009
  MRSAP Discharge Report for the Quality Improvement and Outcomes Committee - January 2009
  QIO Meeting Presentation 11/19/2008
  QIO Meeting Agenda and Review Materials 11/19/2008
  QIO Report 8/26/08
  Summary of Pitt Evaluation Study
  Data Sources Handout 5/24/2007
  QI Outcomes Presentation 5/24/2007
  Meeting Notes - 05/24/2007
  QI Outcomes Presentation 03/29/2007
  Meeting Notes - 03/29/2007
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Assessment/Discharge Meeting Notes - The Assessment/Discharge Committee has ended its work as a subcommittee. Many of the members continue to be involved through the Quality Improvement and Outcomes Committee.
Other Information Family Assessment Tool
  Consumer Assessment Tool
  Clinical Assessment Tool
  Community Support Plan
  MSH Aggregate Peer Assessment Report by the Consumer Family Satisfaction Team Alliance of Pennsylvania (CSTAP)