MRSAP Quality Improvement/Outcomes Committee Meeting

March 29, 2007

Mayview Regional Conference Center


Attendees: Nora Novitsky, Melanie Balogh, Barb Johnson, Donna McCurdy, Marjorie Kerns, Sandra Kogut, Laurel Reynolds, Christine Balint, Marilyn Huber, Valerie Rotolo, Margaret Park, Gloria Hohman, Karl Belany, Dawn Weaver, Paul Freund, Harriet Baum, Tammy Cervelli, Stephen Lindsey, James Kindler, Melissa Feragotti, Brandi Holsinger, Donna Bevan, Carol Loy, Dan Hawkins, Debra Riggi, Oleh Hodowanec, Lisa Duncan. Darryl Holts


Staff members present: Kim Patterson, Emily Heberlein, Lisa Tumolo, Mary Fleming



I.                   Welcome and Introductions

Kim Patterson and Emily Heberlein welcomed the returning and new committee members and provided a brief review of the committee’s prior work as the Assessment and Discharge Committee and future direction as the Quality Improvement and Outcomes Committee. The Committee members introduced themselves and described their affiliations.


II.                Review of Community Support Plan Process (CSP)

Lisa Tumolo provided an overview of the CSP process for Phase II of the MRSAP project.

·          Over 50 Mayview residents were selected for Phase 2

·          Consumer and Family Assessments were completed in the fall.

·          CSP meetings began in November. Over 100 meetings have been completed so far; each consumer will have multiple meetings, depending on their support needs.

·          For Phase 2, Martha Hodge acts as the lead facilitator. She facilitates many of the CSP meetings and also oversees the other facilitators to make sure the process is working and that plans are progressing.

·          Several examples of community support plans were described to give the committee an idea of the successes and challenges faced during Phase 2.

·          Every effort is made to ensure that consumers are getting what they want in their plans, although compromise is necessary at times.


III.             Roles and Responsibilities

Kim Patterson and Emily Heberlein reviewed the roles and responsibilities of committee members.

·          Members are expected to represent general interests rather than their specific interests or their organization’s interests. (For example, a representative from PSAN is representing the interests of consumers, not his own or PSAN’s interests.)

·          Members are expected to act as ambassadors of the MRSAP project in the community. As committee members, they may be asked questions about the project. Members should answer questions but also feel comfortable referring people to AHCI staff if they are unsure of the answers.

·          Members can expect to hear rumors about the MRSAP project. Members should address rumors if they are comfortable doing so, and bring them to committee meetings for discussion.

·          One committee member requested that members receive some talking points to refer to about the project if questions arise. AHCI will prepare these for the next meeting.

·          The committee’s first responsibility, to create a quality management plan, was explained. The quality management plan will be used to monitor the progress of the MRSAP project at the hospital and in the community.

·          An orientation to data and evaluation was presented. Committee members were encouraged to ask questions. The importance of using data as a tool – for quality improvement and advocacy – was emphasized.

·          In upcoming meetings, the committee will set priorities for the quality management plan. Data will be reviewed, and the committee will make recommendations to the Steering Committee.


IV.              Closing Remarks

Mary Fleming described the importance of the committee’s work in relation to the MRSAP project as a whole, and encouraged committee members to take their responsibilities seriously.



 The next meeting will be held on May 24th, 2007, from 10am to 2 pm.