MRSAP Assessment/Discharge Committee: Notes from 1/4/06 Meeting


Attendees: Debra Riggi, Donna McCurdy, Carol Loy, Sandra Hause, Sara Leiber, Melissa Feragotti, Marilyn Huber, Laurel Reynolds, Jim Kuemmerle, Eva Bednar, Mary Simon, Sandra Knepp, Bob Weber, Karl Belany, Meg Park, Dan Hawkins, Mary Carol Kennedy, Mary Lou Lattner, Marjorie Kerns, Cecilia Reinheimer, Lu Popielarcheck


I.               Introductions                                                                                            

II.             ‘The Buzz’

Kim Patterson clarified a few rumors about the MRSAP project:

Š    The Steering Committee and the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) have not yet set a timetable for the initial group of discharges.

Š    No funding mechanisms (i.e. CHIPP) have been negotiated at this time.

Š    DPW is NOT delaying the assessment process here in order to implement a standardized, state-wide process.  DPW has requested that all state hospital residents be assessed, but they have not set a deadline for these assessments.

Š    The Committee asked that they receive a list of talking points related to the project again at the next meeting.


III.           Follow-up items from the October meeting

Š    Several handouts were distributed and reviewed as a follow-up from the last meeting:

Š    Summary from last meeting, attendance list

Š    List of Steering Committee members

Š    Summaries from the stakeholder’s meetings

Š    Committee members asked that they have more advance notice for Stakeholder Meetings. There was also some discussion around the role these stakeholder meetings play in the Service Area Plan process.  Kim Patterson and Emily Heberlein will raise this at the next Steering Committee meeting.  The goal is that these two processes come together into one single process in the immediate future.


IV.           Disseminate final assessment tools
The final clinical, family and consumer assessment tools were distributed.                               


V.             Review Assessment/Discharge Process & Timeline

Assessment Process

A revised timeline for the assessment discharge process was distributed.  The current goal is to complete the assessments for 40 Mayview patients by 1/31/06 (clinical assessments by 2/3/06).  Initial results of the assessments will be brought to the next meeting.  Once this first “wave” of assessments is completed, a meeting will be held to discuss any feedback on the assessment tools and the process.  The Committee had no concerns regarding the process or timeline.  Committee members did express concern over the long-term alternatives to Mayview and the need to address the “front door” (waiting list and admissions) to Mayview as part of the planning process.


Discharge Process

The Committee reviewed a draft of the Discharge Planning Process and requested several clarifications (see revised version).  First and foremost, several Committee members expressed concern that the meetings be named differently to distinguish this process from the existing Mayview discharge planning process.  “Aftercare Planning Meeting” was suggested as a good alternative to “Discharge Planning Meeting.”

Because Mayview social workers were not represented at the meeting, Kim Patterson will follow up with Kelly Burda to discuss the social workers’ roles in the discharge planning process.

The Committee discussed the purpose/function, qualities, abilities and tasks of the facilitators and recorders.  Kim Patterson will compile the Committee’s feedback into “job descriptions” and will solicit nominations for both the facilitators and recorders.

The Committee also brainstormed ideas for peer mentorship programs.  The need for peer mentorship has been consistently brought up at the Committee and other meetings.


VI.           Data Collection Tool and progress
Emily Heberlein provided a brief update on the data collection process.  All of the assessment questions will be entered into a database, which will be developed by 1/13/2006. With the exception of the open-ended questions, the assessment data will be analyzed as soon as all of the completed assessments are received. 


VII.         Web site    
Emily Heberlein alerted the Committee that information related to the MRSAP project will be available within the next several weeks on AHCI’s web site,


VIII.       Continued role of committee; next meeting
Kim Patterson asked the Committee to consider how their role may evolve as the MRSAP project continues.  The next meeting was scheduled for Friday, February 24, 2006 from 10am – 2pm at the Mayview Regional Conference Center.