MRSAP Assessment and Discharge Committee

Meeting Summary

October 19, 2005


Present: Karl Belamy, Jeanne Lindsey, Meg Park, Bob Weber, Maureen Norcie, Mary Carol Kennedy, Mindy Orme, Sandra Knepp, Debra Riggi, Marilyn Huber, Mary Simon,

Harriet Baum, Bobbi Bishop, Dan Hawkins, Cecilia Reinheimer, Penny Perlman, Jeff Corey, Sean Obermeier, Donna McCurdy, Barb Riggi, Sara Leiber, Jim Kuemmerle,

Laurel Reynolds, Mary Lou Lattner, Emily Heberlein, Kim Patterson


Absent: Marge Kearns, Jan Taper, Terrance McCarthy, Sandi Hause, Laurie Brown, Mellissa Feragotti, Paul Freund, Dale Adair, John O’Connor, Eva Bednar, Grace Cannon, Lu Popielarcheck




The Committee completed reviewing and providing feedback on the draft Family and Clinical assessment tools. Besides suggestions regarding format, language, and minor inclusions, revisions, and additions, the Committee suggested that all assessment tools include the same set of questions but geared toward the specific audience completing each assessment. In addition, since the primary focus of the assessments are to determine intensity, frequency, and type of support a patient will need prior to and post discharge, the Committee suggested that there be no reference to established programs or residential services in any of the questions, just supports.


The Committee completed the ‘job’ description for assessment interviewers and defined the role of the Social Worker in the Assessment process. For the Clinical Assessments, the Mayview Social Worker was identified as the coordinator of the process for the treatment team. It was suggested that AHCI consider hiring an experienced entity like the CFSTs to complete the Consumer and Family Assessments based on the complexity of managing the logistics around orientation, administration, collection, and submission of assessments for the five-county area.


The Assessment Process timeline was presented, reviewed, and confirmed by the Committee with minor revisions.


The Committee was assigned to submit nominations for assessment interviewers regardless of what entity might oversee the assessment process. The Committee agreed that it would be beneficial to include some committee members on the Assessment Teams.


Requests from Committee members: a steering committee member list, stakeholder meeting minutes, an attendee list with A/D meeting summary, and inviting a member of the Finance Committee to the next A/D Committee meeting.


Next meeting: January 4, 2006, 10-1:00 @ the Mayview Regional Conference Center