MRSAP Assessment/Discharge Committee: Notes from 9/14 Meeting



The Committee members introduced themselves, and housekeeping issues were reviewed.


Overview of the Five County Mayview Regional Service Area Planning (MRSAP) Project and Assessment/Discharge Committee

Š      Mission: to develop a coordinated and unified approach to reducing the census at Mayview

Š      Structure: Steering Committee, Finance and Data Committee, Assessment and Discharge Committee

Š      Goals: develop a financial strategy, develop assessment tools, coordinate and monitor the discharge process, and conduct a needs assessment (by County) of community resources.

Š      There is concern that this project will simply “reinvent the wheel.” While multi-county planning has been done in the past, the Steering Committee intends that this plan will go further in developing community resources and financing mechanisms.  Many of the same people involved in earlier planning processes are involved in the Steering Committee, where their collective experience and knowledge will be valuable.

Š      The timeframe for closing one unit (25-30 beds) is June 30, 2006.

Š      Currently there is a 50-60 day wait for a bed at Mayview.  Addressing the wait time should be considered as a goal for the Committee.  

Š      This planning process will not interfere with current discharges and discharge planning.

Š      The Steering Committee began meeting in July, and membership started with the County Administrators.  Since then, additional members have joined the Steering Committee.

Š      No decisions have been made regarding who will be assessed for discharge.  More than 25-30 clients will need to be interviewed; clients on the diversion list may also be interviewed.  Shorter stays and more diversions will need to be considered as part of this project.

Š      Updates on this project should be brought to the Continuity of Care Meetings.  There will also be several opportunities for discussion and input on this project; a stakeholders’ meeting has been scheduled for October 3rd, and a regional meeting with Joan Erney has been scheduled for October 27th.

Š      Several Committee members expressed concern with the availability of appropriate options for clients being discharged, and that some clients will continue to need restrictive levels of care.  “No Eject, No Reject” policies should be required for community providers in all counties.  (Note: the forensics unit is not part of this project.)

Š      The Committee discussed at length that consumers’ goals, desires and needs should be respected and carry the most weight during the planning process.


Assessment and Discharge Committee Guiding Principles


The “Buzz”

Š      Mayview is closing

Š      All state hospitals are closing within five years

Š      The profits from the sale of the land will go into the state’s general fund rather than back to the Counties.

Š      Use of CHIPP language is confusing (particularly “closure,” third paragraph)

Š      “Home community” in the first paragraph should be changed to “communities of their choice”

Š      The Harrisburg project also had an Information Committee.  This committee went to each unit of the state hospital and educated patients on the project.  They also distributed pamphlets for patients to read and complete before the assessment process began.

Š      The PA should be edited so it is more concrete and easily understood by patients and their families.


Consumer Tool

The Committee reviewed and discussed the consumer assessment used by Harrisburg.


Next Meeting

The family and clinical assessments will be discussed at the next meeting. The next meeting will be held from 10am to 3pm on October 19th at Mayview.