Mayview Steering Committee

Meeting Summary

May 10, 2007


Present:Kelly Burda, Tim Casey, Stephen Christian-Michaels, Mary Jo Dickson, Shirley Hopper Scherch, Carol Horowitz, Nancy Jaquette, John Klenotic, Matt Koren, Pam Loaskie, Carol Loy, Gerard Mike, Nora Novitsky, Brandi Phillips, Rick Rach, Mary Jeanne Serafin, Janice Taper, Ella Thomas, Lisa Tumolo, Richard Tully, Patricia Valentine,Dean Virgili, and Linda Zelch


Absent:Paulette Benegasi, Karen Bennett, Laverne Cichon, Mary Fleming, Darryl Holts, Steve Plyer, Laura Steiner, Valerie Vicari, and Deb Wasilchak


Others Present:Aidan Altenor, Roberta Altenor, Joyce Cochran, David Jones, and Jessica Strong.


Introductions were made and the minutes of the April 20, 2007 meeting were reviewed and approved.


I.      Infrastructure Reports:


Allegheny County

        The fifth CTT/ACT Team is functioning and continues to accept new referrals

        Discussions are underway to determine feasibility of developing an enhanced case management team

        The police-based crisis intervention team has received two proposals for the development of a Central Receiving Center as a drop-off/triage/crisis/respite services for individuals with behavioral health disorders

        The enhanced personal care home is targeted to be up and running by June 2007

        Currently the County has two large personal care homes in crisis due to licensing issues.The hearings have been delayed and many residents do not want to move elsewhere.


Lawrence County

        The relocation, renovation and expansion of the drop-in is moving forward with a target date of August 2007

        The representative payee program is ready to accept referrals

        Blended case management is progressing toward full conversion

        A residential treatment facility for adults is in the initial planning stage

        The County is working with the housing authority with a goal of enabling consumers to use all other housing supports available within the County

        The current drop-in center will be converted to a 3-bedroom home for temporary housing.

Washington County

        The crisis stabilization unit will be operational by June 1, 2007

        The CTT/ACT Team has added one new person and continues interviewing for additional staff

        The enhanced personal care home is awaiting a licensing visit with an anticipated start date of June 15, 2007

        An additional personal care home with 12-16 beds is opening; awaiting a licensing visit with a mid-June target date

        They are working to expand the representative payee program


Greene County

        They have identified funding to add an additional unit in the permanent supportive housing program

        Discussions continue with Value Behavioral Health & providers to develop a community treatment team, mobile mental health treatment and peer-to-peer by June 15, 2007

        The County is developing an educational series to assist consumers and community stakeholders in understanding the recovery philosophy model

        The Southwest Health Centerís mental health unit has a new director who is interested in expanding services.


Beaver County

        Referrals are being made to the in-home supports through Homemaker Home Health and the program is working well

        Warmline and peer-mentoring training is continuing

        The housing plan is nearly ready for submission

        Two consumers will move into their own apartment with supports


Mayview Report

        There are 19 persons on the waiting list

        Seven beds have been closed related to Phase 2

        One consumer was successful in obtaining a State Identification.The hospital is optimistic that by following the same process, all residents will be able to secure an ID

        Some change has occurred in the peer mentors; one left and was replaced by a new person

        Hospital administration is continuing regular meetings with Allegheny County to be able to identify some problem areas and work together on discharges


II.      SSI Project:


Rick Tully reported on the process of obtaining SSI benefits for consumers.He recommended that SSI applications be filed for those whose discharge is anticipated in Phase 2, as there is a 60-day window for discharge after the initial application.He also reported that 85% or more of the Phase 2 people appear to be Medicaid-eligible.There is now a dedicated person working with AHCI to coordinate the application process and take the lead in the submission process.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.