Mayview Steering Committee

January 19, 2007

Meeting Summary


Present:† Karen Bennett, Kelly Burda, Tim Casey, Stephen Christian-Michaels, Laverne Cichon, Mary Jo Dickson, Mary Fleming, Bob Harms, Darryl Holts, Nancy Jaquette, Matt Koren, Rich Kuppelweiser, Pam Loaskie, Carol Loy, Gerard Mike, Nora Novitsky,

Rick Rach, Laura Steiner, Janice Taper, Ella Thomas, Ken Thompson, Lisa Tumolo, Patricia Valentine, Valerie Vicari, Dean Virgini, Deb Wasilchak, and Linda Zelch.


Absent:† Paulette Benegasi, Kim Campbell, Terry Carik, Shirlee Hopper Scherch, Carol Horowitz, John Klenotic, Kathy Luciano, Marcy Maletta, and Steve Plyer.


Meeting Summary from December:† Some minor edits were suggested and will be made prior to posting on the web.


Structure of Project Management and Operations:† Mary Fleming described the breakdown of who was heading up the three major functions of the process.† She will continue to function as the overall project manager.† Assessment/CSP function is being managed by Lisa Tumolo and Martha Hodge, the tracking function is being managed by Lisa and Emily Heberlein with the counties, OMHSAS and several other people.† Financial:† Brandi Phillips and Rick Tully will manage this function which includes budgeting, benefits eligibility, contracting, letters of agreement, state operated community services, and budget reconciliation.† Program Planning/Service Development is being directed by Mary, Ella Thomas, Kelly Primus and the TAC representative, Jim Yates, along with Kim Patterson and a consumer.† Underlying all these functions is a strong Information Systems component directed by Tim Casey and Doug Fitzsimmons.† The final component, the Training and Support function will be managed by Lisa Tumolo.


Report from DPW on Project Status:† Linda Zelch briefly described Governor Rendellís healthcare reform announcement which includes some funding for mental health, drug and alcohol and dual diagnosis consumers.†


Phase II Update:† Mary Fleming noted that the MRSAP is still in draft form though it contains no substantive plan changes and captures work completed by all counties.† She asked for comments and edits to be sent to her by noon on Tuesday, January 23rd.


CSP Update:† Kelly Burda reported that of 54 potential assessments 35 have begun and are in various stages in the process.† Four Phase I persons remain in the hospital, three Phase II persons have been discharged along with one more from Phase I, with their beds being closed behind them.† Feedback on the CSP process has been positive.† All the work done by the facilitators, including many pre-meetings with consumers has begun to pay off.† Content in some of the clinical assessments could still be improved.


Use of Second Opinions:† Ken Thompson will perform second opinions which have been funneled through Martha Hodge for coordination so no protocol remains unmet and appropriate physicians are involved.


Peer Mentors: †In Allegheny County PSAN works with people in the hospital and follows them after discharge.† This system works in Allegheny County, but mentors canít follow consumers to the other counties after discharge into the community.† A peer mentor program will be worked on with the other counties.† It was agreed that having a long transition process from the first mentor to a mentor in the CTT team would benefit consumers.


Wave I individuals still in the hospital:† It would be good to know where these individuals are in the process and keep in touch with what they are doing.


Recruiting for Facilitators and Recorders:† There is an ongoing need for recorders.† Some have completed their original pledge.† Please contact Lisa with volunteers so that they can participate in the training process planned for late February.


Budget Phase II:† Brandi is continuing to work with the counties and the budget should be ready to submit to the state within two weeks.† The state will work on a way to reconcile budgets throughout the year rather than waiting until yearís end.


Regional and County-Specific Service Planning:† Service planning will be multi-county with the goal of maintaining or spreading resources within the community.† Discussion of should this be on how to involve state employees with consumers after discharge was held.† Further discussion involved regional housing plans to eliminate duplication in each county.


Phase I Update:† The web-based tracking for Phase I is in place and report generation is being finalized.† At the next steering committee meeting a two-month report will be given.† CART is half finished collecting information on Phase I consumers.


County Updates

Allegheny:† The fifth CTT is ready to take referrals, the county is working on forensic grants.† They have plans to develop a central receiving center were police can bring people for triage without arresting them.† The county is still working toward the national forensic conference to be held later in the year.† They continue to work on permanent supportive housing with 25 of the initial 120 referrals being eligible for discharge??.† Warmline hours will be extended following permission to use reimbursement funds for that purpose.


Beaver:† They are continuing to enhance CTTs, they held a program budget meeting to ensure that funds are spent, they are researching transportation issues and are anticipating using reimbursement funds for housing purposes, they are considering a possible warmline, WRAP training and peer mentoring.


Greene:† They are developing RMPís for CTTs, developing a housing plan, and moving on with peer support.


Washington:† CTT is licensed and operating and still ramping up-if they are licensed and operating† what does ramping up mean-do you mean ramping up to fully implement?, mobile crisis is expanding but not fully operational, crisis stabilization will be ready in March, enhanced PC funding is approved and will possibly be operational late in March.


Other MRSAP meetings in 2007:† The Beaver/Lawrence combined meeting was held.† Some of the issues discussed were changing medications after discharge, providers were interested in the issues discussed, doctor-to-doctor discussions prior to discharge was seen as beneficial, they would like to have more training in a variety of areas on how to integrate recovery principles into daily routines, with a primary need to re-train staff on how to think about treating crises differently.† The Washington/Greene meeting will be held January 24, 2007 from 1:00-3:00 PM.


Stakeholders Meeting:† The meeting will be held on March 8th from 1:00 to 3:00 PM.


Assessment/Discharge Quality Management Meeting:† The assessment/discharge committee consisting of mostly consumers and family members has completed most of its work and will be reconstituted as quality management and hold its first meeting January 15th at Mayview.† If you would like to nominate consumers to participate in this committee, please email Lisa Tumolo.


Project Evaluation:† There was some discussion about the benefits of a formal evaluation.† Mary reported that Sue Estroff has met with her about the possibility of conducting an ethnographic evaluation of this process.† Ken Thompson may also be able to assist with funding for studies.† This may be a great way to make a positive contribution to the field.