Mayview Regional Area Service Plan Steering Committee

Meeting Summary

November 17, 2006


Present:  Kelly Burda, Kim  Campbell, Tim Casey, Mary Jo Dickson, Mary Fleming, Bob Harms, Martha Hodge, Darryl Holtz, Carol Horowitz, Nancy Jacquette, Rich Kuppleweiser, Pam Loaskie, Carol Loy, Gerard Mike, Nora Novitsky, Rich Rach, Ella Thomas, Lisa Tumolo, Patricia Valentine, Deb Washilchak, Linda Zelch  Others Present: Melanie Balough (Greene County), Paulette Bengasi (Lawrence County), Erin Hathaway (Greene County), Martha Hodge (AHCI), Ella Thomas (AHCI), Members absent: Karen Bennett, Terry Carik, Laverne Cichon,Shirlee Hopper Scherch, Emily Heberlein,  John Klenotic, Kathy Luciano, Marcy Maletta, Brandi Mauck Phillips, Kim Patterson, Steve Plyer, Laura Steiner, Richard Tully, Valerie Vicari, and Dean Virgili


I.          Review of meeting summary from October 20, 2006

The minutes from October’s meeting were reviewed and revised. 


II.        Opening Remarks:


Mary Fleming introduced Ella Thomas who will work part-time for AHCI to help coordinate activities at Mayview Hospital.  Ella Thomas introduced herself and described her extensive background and experience in the mental health field. She has worked as a CEO of a state hospital and has spent years working with community-based mental health agencies and providers to help people remain in the community during recovery.  It is expected that she will begin work with AHCI in early 2007.


Mary Fleming explained that funding will be provided for Phase II of the CSP Project as a 30-bed CHIPP.  It was recommended that each county prepare and submit their budgets to the State by the end of December.  The budgets should reflect general system enhancements and implementation of the CSPs.  Brandi Phillips and Rick Tully from AHCI will coordinate budget discussions / workshops.  The State will require a fiscal year-end reconciliation for any funds. 


III.       Provider Meetings in 2007

The Committee recommended holding community provider meetings early in 2007. These meetings would inform providers about service needs/wants of Mayview consumers from Phase I and Phase II with CSPs, report on the counties’ efforts to build new services and supports within the community and to elicit input from the providers regarding what is needed in the community to help deliver those services.


IV.       Assessment and Discharge Subcommittee

Mary Fleming noted the role of the Assessment and Discharge subcommittee was to refine the assessment tools and develop the CSP process.  She noted the subcommittee was primarily comprised of consumers.  The Steering Committee recommended that even though their initial goals have been completed, the participants provide valuable input and recommended this subcommittee remain intact but function as a quality improvement group.  Pat Valentine suggested providing members of the subcommittee receive training to help them learn how to review the data.  The Steering Committee agreed with suggestion and further recommended that the subcommittee maintain its composition of at least 50% consumers and suggested family members continue to participate as well.  The Steering Committee suggested that a member of the reconstituted subcommittee be named to participate on the Steering Committee.


V.        Phase I Update

Lisa Tumolo provided the overall update concerning the 30 individuals who were discharged from Mayview by July 31.  Each county described the process they use to follow-up on any in-patient admissions for these 30 individuals. Each county then provided the following service development update:


Beaver County

·        The reinvestment plan concerning Beaver’s CTT team was approved. Contracting will be done in near future and Kim Patterson (AHCI) will serve as the consultant.

·        The Housing Program will begin shortly after January 1, 2007.

·        Short-term, jail-based treatment is now operational.

·        A meeting was held with a prospective provider for mobile medication unit.


Washington County

·        The CTT project is on schedule.

·        Reinvestment plan extension request has been completed.

·        Plans for developing another enhanced personal care home are under way.


Greene County

·        Working with other counties as well as regional and local providers along with the managed care organization to assess the county’s level of need and for programs such as Community Treatment Teams, Peer Support, Mobile Medication Management, Supportive Housing Programs and Enhanced Personal Care Home. 


Lawrence County

·        Investigating a possible conversion of Intensive Case Management and Resource Case to blended case management.

·        Lawrence has had a preliminary discussion with a local in-patient provider about a residential treatment facility for adults and an enhanced personal care home.

·        Submitted a reinvestment proposal to relocate/enlarge the Drop-In Center.

·        Preliminary discussions with the President Judge regarding possibility of developing a treatment court occurred.


Allegheny County

·        Agreed to fund an expansion of the consumer satisfaction survey.

·        County and PSAN have begun to implement the new peer mentoring program at Mayview State Hospital.

·        Applied for but was not awarded federal funding for cultural competency study. Other funding options are being explored.

·        Allegheny is adding a new CTT team. Mercy Behavioral Health was recently awarded the contract and will staff and manage the new team.

·        Currently exploring development and funding of a Fairweather Lodge

·        Recently received two grants for a new forensic program.

·        The “Pre-Booking Intervention Project” just began and will attempt to divert mentally ill individuals who have been arrested from a jail


VI.       Service Area Plan Update and Phase II Update


Service Area Plan

Linda Zelch requested that the counties provide an update to their Service Area Plans.  Mary Fleming suggested that each county compile a list of outcomes that have been attained since the submission of the Plan submit them to Lisa Tumolo before December 15 so it can be reviewed at the next Steering Committee meeting. The original Service Area Plan as well as the updated plan will be posted to the Mayview-SAP website.  


Phase II

Martha Hodge reported that she completed the first week of Community Support Plan (CSP) meetings at the hospital and was pleased with the progress to date.  She noted that some of the meetings were too crowded and asked that counties be mindful of not overwhelming consumers with too many participants at initial CSP meetings.  It is anticipated that 15 people will begin the CSP process by the end of 2006.


Rich Kuppleweiser and Kelly Burda from Mayview hospital reported that firewalls may be the root of the problem that staff has to internet access and an investigation is underway.


Mary Fleming recommended the front-door work group re-convene after Allegheny County’s Change Management Committee meeting and after the suburban planning meeting to address any Mayview waiting list issues. 


Mary Jo Dickson reported that Allegheny County’s waiting list for Mayview has shrunk to three people, all of whom are on hold. She attributed this to:

·                    Changing expectations of what the community can do to deliver services.

·                    Consumers and providers exploring all community options first.

·                    The further development of diversionary practices.


Deb Wasichak reported that Community Care Behavioral Health is present at discharge and diversion meetings and will intervene to divert consumers prior to admission.


VII.     Community Response Team (CRT)

To date, a CRT has not been recommended by the Steering Committee for use by the five Mayview counties, but the Committee wanted to learn more about the CRT functions. Linda Zelch explained the functions of the Harrisburg CRT as follows: 

·        A coordinator of physical health, pharmacy and medical benefits;

·        A centralized repository for individuals to access their benefit and other financial information (i.e. SSI and SSDI info, back account info, photo IDs, etc.);

·        Created a form which contained all pertinent financial and demographic information for each person;

·        Ensured that everyone who left the hospital had a photo identification;

·        Provided assistance in selecting appropriate Medicare Part D plan;

·        Instituted a “back-up pharmacy” for consumer who needed instant access;

·        Instituted an intervention process for potential incarceration situations;

·        Provide follow-up on CSP’s to ensure compliance with the written plan; and

·        Held monthly meetings with counties to review activities and track progress.



VIII.    Communications

The recent petition to the Governor was discussed by the Steering Committee. It was suggested AHCI continue to collect data related to individuals recently discharged from Mayview and continue to compile historical census data related to Mayview. 


AHCI’s role is primarily that of facilitator.  County-specific questions should be addressed to individual county administrators and will be referred in this manner.  AHCI is a resource, not a reporter, of specific issues.


The Steering Committee recommended AHCI prepare a second newsletter and suggested it contain content related to individuals who have been discharged previously, offer comparisons to other states, highlight any community providers or other individuals who are recovery-focused, and describe services and supports currently being developed by each county.


IX.       Steering Committee Membership

The Steering Committee recommended in addition to adding one member of the reconstituted Assessment and Discharge subcommittee, one or two members from the psychiatric community should be included on the Steering Committee.  Candidates were suggested and their interest in participation will be investigated prior to the next meeting.