Mayview Service Area Planning Steering Committee

Meeting Summary

October 20, 2006


Members Present:† †Tim Casey, Mary Fleming, Laverne Cichon, Mary Jo Dickson, Darryl Holts, Shirlee Hopper Scherch, Carol Horowitz, Nancy Jaquette, John Klenotic, Rich Kuppelweiser, Carol Loy, Gerard Mike, Brandi Mauck Phillips, Kim Patterson, Rick Rach, Janice Taper, Lisa Tumolo, Pat Valentine, Dean Virgili, Deb Wasilchak and Linda Zelch. †Others Present:† Martha Hodge (Consultant), Kathy Luciano (OMHSAS), Nora Novitsky (OMHSAS), Members Absent: †Karen Bennett, Kelly Burda, Kim Campbell, Terry Carik, Bob Harms, Emily Heberlein, Pam Loaskie, Marcy Maletta, Steve Plyler, Laura Steiner, Rick Tully, and Valerie Vacari


I. †Review of Meeting Summary from September 15, 2006

The minutes from September 15, 2006 were reviewed and approved.


II. †MRSAP Update


Phase II Update

54 consumers are being assessed.† The Consumer/Family Satisfaction Teams (CFSTs) have completed three quarters of peer assessments.† To date, 17 family members agreed to complete an assessment for their family member and those are underway.† It is anticipated that all assessments will be completed by October 31, 2006. Clinical assessments will be completed on a rolling basis close in time to a consumerís first meeting.†


Orientation and training for the CSP meeting team members will take place on Monday, October 23rd and Wednesday, October 25 at Mayview.† Mary introduced Martha Hodge who will lead these training sessions.† Martha will be spearheading the CSP meetings at the hospital during phase 2.† The purpose will be to promote consistency.


Martha described her extensive mental health background and discussed the training she will conduct at Mayview to further enhance peoplesí ability to live successfully in the community through the CSP process.† Promoting the consumerís voice will be the major goal of these sessions.† Community providers will be included at the meetings at the hospital so they will hear first hand consumersí desires, be able to describe the service options they can offer and know what work will need to accomplished prior to a personís discharge.†


The Steering Committee concurred that providers should work with consumers to facilitate visits to the community early in the process and expose consumers to services and supports and not just housing options.


Phase I Update

Commitment letters from the State were received by all five counties.† The Letters of Agreement for Phase I were executed by the counties and the hospital and are now with the State.† The tracking report for September indicated that community providers changing meds has been causing the most problems.†


Service Implementation Update

Each county provided a brief update of their activities.


Allegheny County

Allegheny reported that additional staff support has been committed to support a Supported Housing Program in the amount of 16 hours per day for another 60 days. An individual with Special Needs was discharged from Mayview State Hospital this month and funds will be used to support his placement. Proposals have been reviewed to create an additional CTT in Allegheny County and a new CTT provider should be selected shortly.† MRSAP funds will be utilized to support start-up and non-Medicaid eligible consumers.


Beaver County

Beaver noted that the county/provider met with a consultant to examine the countyís CM and CTT. As a result, two reinvestment plans were submitted:  (1) to convert the Community Treatment Team in to the ACT model and (2) to deal with special populations.† Beaver recently facilitated discussion between the Housing Authority and a treatment provider to plan COD treatment in a housing project for released offenders.† Beaver met with a provider to implement a mobile medication program.


Greene County

Green reported it is working with Value Behavioral Health to develop a Community Treatment Team and Mobile Crisis services.† It is also exploring the possibility of expanding Dom Care into a Full Care Residential program and is reviewing the current list of personal care homes to locate a facility which would be suitable for expansion into an Enhanced Personal Care facility. Greene is also considering expanding its Permanent Supportive Housing program.†


Lawrence County

Lawrence is discussing how to convert ICM and RC to blended CM.† No target date yet for completion.† It also plans to explore the possibility of developing a residential treatment facility for adults and an enhanced personal care home.† Currently talking with a consultant who would conduct a feasibility study and plan development.


Washington County

Washington reported it is working with a consultant to develop a Community Treatment Team.† It has created housing with 24-hour staff and is beginning to develop a Crisis Stabilization Program.† It is also providing one-on-one staff on an as-needed basis at an LTSR.


Work Group Update

On November 6, 2006 the tracking sub-committee will examine the monthly tracking follow-up form.† All counties will send the early warning form and the tracking policy to its providers.



Any media inquiries should be routed through the Steering Committee to Mary Fleming.


2007 Steering Committee and Stakeholdersí Meetings

Steering Committee recommending holding the next Stakeholderís meeting soon.† The Steering Committee recommended continuing to hold monthly Steering meetings throughout 2007.