Mayview Service Area Planning Steering Committee

Meeting Summary

September 15, 2006


Members Present:   Mary Fleming, Karen Bennett, Kelly Burda, Bob Harms, Darryl Holts, Carol Horowitz, Nancy Jaquette, John Klenotic, Rich Kuppelweiser, Pam Loaskie, Carol Loy, Rick Tully, Gerard Mike, Brandi Mauck Phillips, Rick Rach, Laura Steiner, Janice Taper, Lisa Tumolo, Valerie Vacari, Pat Valentine, Dean Virgili, and Linda Zelch.  Others Present:  Nora Novitsky (OMHSAS), Tom Deveraux (PSAN), Heather Durante (VBH), Angie Sarneso (VBH) Members Absent:  Kim Campbell, Timothy Casey, Laverne Cichon, Mary Jo Dickson, Emily Heberlein, Shirlee Hopper, Marcy Maletta, Kim Patterson, Steve Plyler, Deb Wasilchak


I.  Review of Meeting Summary from August 2, 2006

The minutes from August 2, 2006 were reviewed and approved.


II.  MRSAP Update


Status Report re: Phase 1

Mary Fleming noted that the first regional tracking report had been submitted to OMHSAS.   Discussion regarding long-term tracking and the development of needed community resources was held.  Each county administrator on the Steering Committee gave a brief summary of how their county actually tracks discharged consumers and provided the number of discharged clients their county is currently tracking.


AHCI will send the draft Letters of Agreement (LOA) for Phase 1 to each county by Monday, September 18, 2006.  Once the LOAs are signed by the counties and the MSH CEO, they will be forwarded to OMHSAS for execution.


Phase 2 Discussion

The objectives for the MRSAP project as a whole and the specific objectives for Phase 2 were discussed among the members.  The members agreed that the challenges that arose during Phase 1 would drive the changes made to the process in Phase 2.  The primary objective of getting people out and keeping them out of the state hospital can be furthered during Phase 2 by strengthening the infrastructure with new and improved supports and services.


Work Groups Update




County Update

Each county administrator provided an update related to its infrastructure development to date.


Assessment and Discharge Subcommittee Update

This subcommittee met on Sept 12, 2006 and approved the use of the CSTAP peer assessment tool as well as the family assessment tool for use in Phase 2.  The clinical tool will be modified to include a more detailed patient history component and is still in the drafting process.  Assessment and Discharge subcommittee members expressed a desire to continue to meet quarterly and work in an advisory capacity to the Steering Committee, and the Steering Committee concurred with this.


III.             Meeting with Joan Erney

Members discussed topics of discussion for an upcoming meeting with Joan Erney and other representatives from OMHSAS.  Steering Committee members recommended that the counties attempt to obtain regional feedback on the MRSAP plan and work with the state at the meeting to establish concrete goals for FY 06-07 and FY 07-08.  It was also recommended that the counties discuss infrastructure development plans (both regional and county-specific plans) at the meeting in an effort to secure on-going funding.


IV.              Communication

The Post-Gazette may follow a peer mentor and/or a consumer as he or she works through the CSP program and is discharged into the community.