Mayview Service Area Planning Steering Committee

Meeting Summary

June 16, 2006


Members Present:   Kelly Burda, Tim Casey, Laverne Cichon, Mary Jo Dickson, Mary Fleming, Bob Harms, Emily Heberlein, Nancy Jaquette, John Klenotic, Rich Kuppelweiser, Carol Loy, Gerard Mike, Kim Patterson, Brandi Mauck Phillips, Rich Rach, Janice Taper, Rick Tully, Lisa Tumolo, Patricia Valentine, Dean Virgili and Linda Zelch


Others Present:  Nora Novitsky (OMHSAS), Sherry Shaffer (CCBHO) and Violet Law (Pittsburgh City Paper).


Members Absent: Kim Campbell, Darryl Holts, Shirlee Hopper, Carol Horowitz, Tawnya Lewis, Pam Loaskie, Steve Plyler, Laura Steiner, Valarie Vicari and Deb Wasilchak.



I.  Review of Meeting Summary from May 19, 2006


The minutes from May 19, 2006 were reviewed and approved.


II.  MRSAP and Financial Update


Mary Fleming reported that on June 1, 2006, she, Rick Tully and Brandi Mauck Phillips met with Joan Erney, Aiden Altenor and Linda Zelch from the State to confirm some matters discussed at the May 19, 2006 Steering Committee meeting. The following were confirmed at the June 1 meeting:


·        The State is committed to providing the five counties with the $3.2 million.

·        50% of the $3.2 million will be paid out after the State passes its budget and DPW is able to disburse the funds. The estimated timeframe is August of 2006.

·        The remainder of the funds would come during the second quarter of FY 2006-2007.

·        In order to receive the funds the counties must submit a letter to the State clarifying the allocation plan for the funds among the five counties.

·        The deadline for discharging the first 25-30 patients from Mayview has been extended to July 31, 2006.


Upon receiving this information the Steering Committee recommended:


·        That DPW be asked to approve the discharge of another 25-60 Mayview patients during FY 2006-2007 and allow the waiting list to be reduced and other front door issues to be addressed.

·        During FY 2006-2007 the Steering Committee consider if there are ways to transfer human resources from the State to counties and review models of State-operated community services.

·        Revisiting the experiences from the HSH Consolidation on a periodic basis to improve the quality of the community services provided by this region.

·        Revising the financial model FY 2006-2007 with the help of Brandi Mauck Philips, Rick Tully and Rich Kuppleweiser, and approved by DPW with the results being reported to the Steering Committee.


The status of the Social Security and SSI applications for Wave 1 consumers was discussed at length and AHCI agreed to gather additional information concerning this process and the status of the applications and report its findings to the five counties.


III. Assessment & Discharge Committee Update


The draft Tracking Process as prepared by the Steering Committee’s subcommittee was circulated. Linda Zelch offered some comments which will be incorporated into the subcommittee’s policy. A meeting with IS specialists will also take place prior to recirculation of the draft Process. The five counties are to present AHCI with their own processes prior to the next Steering Committee meeting.


The Steering Committee discussed Wave 1 CSP process and offered comments, suggestions and revisions to the CSP process for the next 25-30 consumers who are to be discharged.  The Steering Committee agreed to form three work groups to plan for Phase 2 in the following areas: (1) state-operated services, (2) “front door” issues, and (3) selection criteria for Wave 2 consumers and the CSP form revision.  AHCI will facilitate the creation of the work groups and convene meetings.  The Steering Committee agreed that a video conference with Harrisburg administrators, the five county administrators, and the State should be held to discuss the HSH Consolidation now that some formerly hospitalized individuals are living in the community.  The Steering Committee also requested that Linda Zelch provide data or reports related to the Harrisburg Consolidation, including information related to Medicaid eligibility and outcomes.


IV. Mayview Newsletter


The draft newsletter was distributed and Steering Committee members agreed to comment on the newsletter’s content by Wednesday June 21, 2006 and will request the number of copies they will need AHCI to bring to the July meeting.  


V. Other Items


1)      The next Steering Committee is rescheduled for Friday July 21, 2006 at 9:00 a.m. at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott.

2)      The August Steering Committee meeting will be held on August 2, 2006 at 9:30 a.m. at the Green Tree Radisson Hotel.

3)      The August Stakeholder’s meeting will be held on August 2, 2006 starting at 12:30 (lunch at 11:30) at the Green Tree Radisson Hotel.

4)      AHCI’s contracts with the five counties will soon expire. The administrators from the five counties agreed that their respective contracts should be extended under the current terms for one quarter (until September 30, 2006).