Mayview Service Area Planning Steering Committee

Meeting Summary

May 19, 2006


I.  Introduction: 


Members Present:   Kelly Burda, Kim Campbell, Laverne Cichon, Mary Jo Dickson, Mary Fleming, Bob Harms, Emily Heberlein, Darryl Holts, Shirlee Hopper, Carol Horowitz, Nancy Jaquette, John Klenotic, Rich Kuppelweiser, Tawnya Lewis, Pam Loaskie, Carol Loy, Gerard Mike, Kim Patterson, Brandi Mauck Phillips, Rich Rach, Laura Steiner, Janice Taper, Rick Tully, Lisa Tumolo, Patricia Valentine, Valarie Vicari, Deb Wasilchak, and Linda Zelch


Others Present:  Aidan Altenor, Joan Erney, Nora Novitsky (OMHSAS), Karen Bennett, Marcy Maletta (Greene County), Edna Cutcheon (Torrance State Hospital), Tina Wydeen (Community Care), Dale Adair (Mayview State Hospital), and Violet Law (Pittsburgh City Paper)


Members Absent: Tim Casey, Steve Plyler, and Dean Virgili                


II.  SAP Presentation for Joan Erney and Aidan Altenor


The Steering Committee updated OMHSAS on the Wave 1 Community Support Plans (CSPs), reviewed the regional budget to support the Wave 1 CSPs, discussed assumptions made in the budgets, the types of services that Phase One consumers need/want, and goals for Phase Two of the MRSAP project.


Joan Erney updated the Committee on the following:

·        The Service Area Plan Resource and Networking Guide will be updated as a smaller version.

·        OMHSAS is working on a strategic housing plan.

·        The final questions on the State Plan Amendments have not yet been finalized. 

·        By calendar year 2007 HealthChoices will be available in every county in Pennsylvania.

·        The 2006/2007 budgets are expected to be finalized.  OMHSAS will host a meeting to confirm the specific dollars requested for the Phase One services.


III. Review of Meeting Summary from April 21, 2006


The minutes from April 21, 2006 were reviewed, the following corrections were approved:  a typographical error in Section V was corrected, and in Section IV, the 70/30 split was reported in error.  The minutes should have read that the $3.2 million of funds for Wave 1 will be split based upon a weighting of 70% ADRP and 30% was based on population.


IV. Assessment & Discharge Committee Update


Lisa Tumolo explained that the Appeal Process was finalized for the Wave 1 consumers.  John Klenotic suggested that advocate selection be further explained in the Appeal Process for the Wave 2.


AHCI requested that each County should work to finalize its Tracking processes by Friday, June 9th.  A subgroup will convene to work on this.


During the June Steering Committee meeting, there will be a debriefing of Wave 1 for the Committee and AHCI will present information gathered from other groups involved in Wave 1 planning.


Finance & Data Committee Update


Joan Erney requested each County’s individual budget related to Wave 1 consumers, as well as assumptions that were made during the budget process. AHCI will set up a separate conference call with each County to discuss the Wave 1 budgets and assumptions. 


VI. Draft of Mayview Newsletter


Emily Heberlein presented a draft of the Mayview Newsletter to the Committee and Committee approved it.  Emily will add recovery stories, email the newsletter to the Committee, and have a final draft for the June meeting. 


VII. Other Items


The Committee agreed to hold the next Stakeholders’ meeting on Wednesday, August 2, 2006 following a Steering Committee meeting that morning.  The previously scheduled July and August Steering Committee meetings (to be held on the third Friday of each month) are cancelled.   


Shirlee Hopper, Peer Support Advocacy Network, recommended a peer mentorship program to help consumers adapt to living in the community.  Shirlee requested some information on how her organization can develop this service.