Mayview Service Area Planning Steering Committee

Meeting Summary

February 17, 2006


I.  Introductions:  The Steering Committee members made introductions.


Members Present:   Kim Campbell, Tim Casey, Laverne Cichon, Bob Harms, Emily Heberlein,  Nancy Jaquette, John Klenotic, Rich Kuppelweiser, Tawnya Lewis, Pam Loaskie, Carol Loy, Kevin McElligott, Gerard Mike, Kim Patterson, Brandi Mauck Phillips, Steve Plyler, Laura Steiner, Janice Taper, Rick Tully, Lisa Tumolo, Patricia Valentine, Dean Virgili, and Linda Zelch


Others Present:  Penny Perlman (for Shirlee Hopper), and Sherry Shaffer (for Deb Wasilchak) 


Members Absent: Kelly Burda, Mary Jo Dickson, Mary Fleming, Shirlee Hopper, Carol Horowitz, Rick Rach, Valerie Vicari and Deb Wasilchak


II. Review of Meeting Summary from January 20, 2006


The minutes from January 20, 2006 were reviewed and approved with one change:  The Goal #3 for Beaver County should have read the Ňre-entryÓ liaison not ŇhospitalÓ liaison.


III. Preparation for March 17, 2006 StakeholdersŐ Meeting


The Steering Committee approved discussion topics for the March 17, 2006 Stakeholders meeting: 


á         Data gathered from the assessments will be shared.

á         The Assessment and Discharge Committee will provide a county-specific update on the community support plans. 

á         The service planning implications will be based on the consumersŐ wants, needs and the community support plans.

á         The Finance Committee will explain the impact of the community support plans on funding the community-based services.  Linda Zelch will be available to answer questions related to the governorŐs budget and funding needed to pay for services.

á         Consumer and Family participation. It was suggested that one consumer (Laura Steiner), representative will speak about the community support plan process.


AHCI will moderate the StakeholdersŐ meeting.  AHCI will forward the StakeholdersŐ meeting announcement to the Committee and the Counties will disseminate and handle RSVPs. A final count is due to AHCI by Monday, March 13th.


IV. Assessment & Discharge Committee Update


Emily Heberlein provided the Committee update.  The results of the first wave of assessments are as follows:


á         38 clinical assessments have been completed and entered into the database

á         35 consumer assessments have been completed and entered into the database (3 patients have not participated to date)

á         13 family assessments have been received and entered into database (4 additional assessments will be entered soon)          

á         30 (79%) of assessments involved Allegheny County consumers, 4 (11%) involved Beaver County consumers, 1 (3%) involved a Lawrence County consumer, and 3 (8%) involved  Washington County consumers


These results will be shared with the Assessment and Discharge Committee and the social workers at their next meeting.


Other matters discussed included the following:


á         Facilitators/Recorders have been selected and trained

á         The community support planning meetings have been scheduled.  Initial meetings for all patients will occur by mid-April 2006

á         The community support plans will be written using HarrisburgŐs form


á         The Committee discussed an arbitration process if disagreement arose with respect to a consumerŐs plan and could not be resolved by the Facilitators:

o       A County representative and Rich Kuppelweiser would serve on the arbitration committee to discuss any issue arising from a community support planning meeting that needed resolution.

o       An independent clinical review could also assist in conflict resolution if problems arise. 

o       Rich Kuppelweiser will ask Ken Thompson (and Dale Adair only if necessary) if he would be available to participate in independent clinical reviews.

o       The County representative and Rich Kuppelweiser should receive the community support plan and a brief description of the conflict.  The matter should then be discussed by the facilitator, Kim Patterson, the County representative and Rich Kuppelweiser. 

á         The Committee discussed how community support plans will be provided to the Counties:

o       The County would receive a copy of each completed community support plan.

o       The County would be able to contact the facilitator of each support plan through Kim Patterson.

o       Data from the community support plans will be aggregated in total and by County by AHCI and maintained in a database.


V. Finance & Data Committee Update


Rick Tully discussed how costs could be transferred from Mayview to the communities when beds are reduced. Rick calculated that approximately $3.2 million dollars could be available to fund services in the community, which translates to $108,000 per person or a $296 per diem.



The Committee recommended that Joan Erney and Aidan Altenor should be invited to a Steering Committee meeting to discuss the dollars available.  Linda Zelch suggested a video conference at the end of March to nail down the dollars for the project if Joan and Aidan are not available to come to Pittsburgh.  Linda will follow up with them.



A smaller group of fiscal and administrative staff will be formed to address a number of financial issues. The meeting should be scheduled prior to March 17, 2006.  The following members agreed to be a part of the finance work group:  Rick Tully, Bob Harms, Brandi Mauck Phillips, Gerard Mike, John Klenotic, Mary Jo Dickson, and a representative from Greene County. This workgroup will work on identifying a process for distribution of the funds available from the state hospital, identifying/addressing funding issues for the time period prior to July 1, 2006, researching the availability and amount of CHIPP/State funding after July 1, 2006, and to determine whether or not the County Assistance Office (CAO) will commit to working with Mayview on a special project, where a CAO staff member would assist the hospital staff in gaining Medicaid eligibility for residents.


VI. Discussion of SAP Goals Two and Three and County Service Plan Activities


Tim Casey shared the findings related to Goal Two. The Steering Committee reviewed the analysis and requested AHCI:


á         Use only HealthChoicesŐ data

á         Readmission will be defined as depicted in the goal.

á         Counties will provide data for the last two years and include individuals 18 years of age and older.



The Committee also discussed the County Service Plan Activities:

á         Each County will forward a draft of its top five Service Development Priorities for the 2007/2008 fiscal year as soon as those priorities are set.

á         Each County will review their CFSTsŐ reports and be prepared to discuss those reports at the next meeting. AHCI wanted to obtain an understanding of how consumers play a role in the planning process.

á         Counties will notify AHCI of the public hearing dates (once scheduled).  Allegheny County provided AHCI with the dates of their public hearing.

á         A separate meeting will be scheduled with the Counties to discuss what should be included in the Regional Service Area Plan.  The meeting will focus on the portion of the County Plans that are related to the Regional Service Area Plan.


VII. Project Timelines


Phase One of the Mayview project continues to move forward with a 25-30 bed reduction by June 30, 2006. Community Service Plans for Phase One consumers are slated for completion by April 14, 2006.


Phase Two proposed project goals include: (1) a 90-bed reduction within the 2006/2007 fiscal year, focusing on in three groups of residents: those hospitalized for 6-12 months, those hospitalized for 13-18 months and those hospitalized for 2 years and beyond; (2) a 50-75% reduction admissions to Mayview and elimination of the waiting list.  Phase Two also assumes the following:


á         The development of an acceptable financial model.

á         A mechanism is in place to transfer funds throughout the year, not just at the beginning.

á         Assessments will be made on anyone waiting in a community hospital bed as well as all residents in LTSRs and CRRs.

á         Obtaining service recommendations based on assessment data.

á         Developing interim goals for discharges.


VIII. Communication Strategy


Tim Casey presented a draft of the Mayview website.  The Committee offered comments/revisions for this page.  AHCI requested the Committee review prior Steering Committee minutes before they are posted on the website. Comments on the web page and meeting minutes are due by Friday, February 24, 2006. The website launch date is March 17, 2006 and will be announced at the StakeholdersŐ meeting.


It was recommended that the Mayview project be placed on the agenda for the Western Region CSP Meeting, as well as the local CSP groups to promote communication/awareness among stakeholders.  AHCI will work with Pennsylvania Community Providers Association (PCPA) to determine if it is willing to include information in an upcoming publication to distribute publicly.


Andrea Kepler, a CRT representative, will be invited to the May 2006 Steering Committee meeting.  The Committee recommended that, if possible, the provider meetings should be coordinated with Ms. KeplerŐs visit.


IX. Other Items

Linda Zelch informed the Committee that the Department of Public Welfare is expecting changes to LTSR funding. 


Pam Loaskie reminded Committee of the trip to Columbiana CountyŐs crisis center on March 1, 2006.