Mayview Service Area Planning Steering Committee

Meeting Summary

July 22, 2005


I.    I.     Introductions


Present: Tim Casey, Mary Jo Dickson, Mary Fleming, Bob Harms, Carol Horowitz, Nancy Jaquette, John Klenotic, Tawnya Lewis, Pam Loaskie, Carol Loy, Dave McAdoo, Kevin McElligott, Gerard Mike, Meg Parks, Kim Patterson, Steve Plyler, Janice Taper, Carole Taylor, and Linda Zelch.


II.      II.     Review of Meeting Summary from July 1, 2005


The Committee reviewed the summary of the last meeting and found it to be accurate. Mary also provided a brief overview of the history of the planning process to bring new committee members up to date.


The group briefly discussed the need to develop outcomes or guidelines about what constitutes success for these individuals who are discharged. The consensus was that something measurable is needed to provide to the community.


Some issues to consider when determining Mayview outcomes include:

áá      Ensure consumers coming out of Mayview are successful. Success is measured by the consumer/family living happily in the community;

áá      Include the opinions of the stakeholders; and

áá      Multiyear housing reinvestment plan that would be allocated over four years to help consumers coming out of Mayview to be stable in the community.


III.        III.     Review of Suggested Contract


The contracts were forwarded to the county administrators for their review. The contract was discussed and Mary Fleming asked that comments/changes regarding the contract be forwarded to Brandi Mauck Phillips by Wednesday, July 27, 2005. Gerard Mike requested that the contract for Beaver County be written to be as similar as possible to the standard county contract in order to expedite its execution and he forwarded a copy of that contract to Mary.


The counties requested that the Compensation section (Number 3) of the contract include a statement providing for a Ňnot to exceed amountÓ for each county. The Term section (number 7) should include language that, while the work plan is for 18-24 months, the term and payment of the contract are for 12 months. The ÔInitial TermÓ of the contract should be clarified to reference that closure of 25-30 beds from Mayview is expected by June 30, 2006.


Tim Casey stated that no data could be obtained until the contracts were in place (HIPAA requirement). A member of the group suggested that a stand-alone Business Associate Agreement be used Đ since waiting for contract signatures could take some time. The rest of the group was amenable to this suggestion. Another member of the group asked why the state would need an individual countyŐs permission to share PCIS data Đ since the data appeared to belong to the state. Tim contacted OMHSAS, and Candace Orr stated that an email, with each countyŐs approval, would suffice for permission. Tim said that he would send an email to the group Đ and have each member reply with their permission. Once all the permissions were collected, Tim would forward them to Mike Jefferies.

IV.        IV.     Data Needs and Finance Committee


Tim Casey reiterated that the PCIS would be ready to go once counties gave their permission. The specifications for the transfer of service utilization data are in place, and AHCI is waiting for the contract and/or BAA. Once that is completed, the service utilization data specifications will be forwarded to the group for discussion and amendment.


Dave McAdoo, representing Lawrence and Washington counties, stated that he will be responsible for sending HealthChoices data for these counties to Tim Casey. Lu Popielarcheck will be the Greene County liaison.


V.      V.     Assessment/Discharge Planning Committee


Kim Patterson (consultant to AHCI) will facilitate the Assessment/Discharge Planning Committee. The goal of the Assessment/Discharge Planning Committee is to develop a process for conducting comprehensive assessments and discharge plans to enable individuals to live successfully in their communities post-discharge from Mayview. The assessment tools and the process used in the closure of Harrisburg State Hospital will be the basis for the work of this Committee. That process involves consumers interviewing consumers about their plans and goals, interviews with family members, and the use of assessments by professionals. The Committee is charged with finalizing the tools to be used and determining how the information will be used to develop a discharge plan. The Committee also will be responsible for overseeing the process for training the assessors and reviewing the information (in aggregate) as reflected in discharge plans.


As a next step, Kim will send the members of the Steering Committee the instruments used in the Harrisburg State Hospital closure. This information will be discussed at the next Steering Committee meeting. The first meeting of the Assessment Committee will be held following the Steering CommitteeŐs review of the assessment documents. The Guiding Principles that should drive the process were also discussed.


Although the discussion was not completed, the following principles were agreed to (with further discussion to be held within the Assessment Committee):


áá      Review the readiness/supports of consumers.

áá      Reflect each individualŐs goals and strengths.

áá      Use historical information both from hospital and community with a focus on the personŐs life, not just illness.

áá      Is recovery focused.

áá      Belief/Confidence that consumers can live successfully in the community.


Committee Composition

There was a consensus that the Committee needs strong representation from families and consumers; and, ideally, the committee membership should be one-third consumers, one-third families, and one-third providers/hospital representatives. Each county agreed to think about additional committee members and will e-mail Kim with any recommendations. In addition, the following individuals were recommended for the Committee:


ŻŻ    Professionals

      Mayview                                              Mary C. Kennedy, RN

Psychiatrist                                          Dale Adair, MD

            Value BH                                              1 TBA (Mary Fleming)

            PMHCA                                               1 TBA (Carol Horowitz)                     

            Community Care                                  Sara Leiber

Beaver Hospital Liaison                       Marilyn Huber

Beaver/Steering                                                Pam Loaskie

Allegheny Diversion Liaison                Grace Cannon

Washington/Steering Committee          Janice Taper

Greene Hospital Liaison                                   Lu Popielarcheck

Lawrence Hospital Liaison                   Laurie Brown

Western Region                                   1 TBA (Linda Zelch)

      AHCI                                                   Emily Heberlein


ŻŻ    Consumers

Mayview Drop-In, PSAN                     2 reps TBA (Meg Parks)

CST Representative from each County 5 reps TBA (Each County)

Steering Committee                             Meg Parks

General                                                Eva Bednar


ŻŻ    Family

NAMI SW Representative                    Harriet Baum (Mary Fleming)

Mayview Advocate                              Marge Kearns


The Steering Committee also discussed developing a cadre of individuals with specialized expertise to serve as a resource.


ŻŻ    Ad Hoc Committee-Expert Consultants



            Drug and Alcohol

            Harrisburg representative

            Mike Rebar-consumer


            Statewide Consumer Group

            Psychiatrist (Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia, MD)


The Assessment/Discharge Committee meetings will be held at Mayview. The role of the Committee as it relates to the Steering Committee will be discussed at next Steering Committee meeting. Dispute resolution will be discussed with the Assessment/Discharge Committee


VI.        VI.     Review of Announcement and Talking Points


The Committee discussed the draft of both the announcement and talking points. Mary agreed to make revisions to the documents. They will then be redistributed to the Committee for comment. Mary asked that the members use Ňtrack changesÓ in making any revisions and provide comments by the requested deadline.


Once the revisions are made to the documents, the expectation is that the documents would be shared with each CountyŐs MH/MR Advisory Board and announced publicly.


VII.          VII.     Discussion of October stakeholderŐs meeting


The October 28, 2005 stakeholderŐs meeting to be held at the South Hills Village Holiday Inn Express (across from the South Hills Village Mall) will be the first of four planned stakeholder meetings. It is anticipated that approximately 75-80 people will attend. AHCI has committed to drafting an announcement of the stakeholderŐs meeting and requested that the counties make plans to provide transportation for consumers.


VIII.            VIII.     Follow-Up Items/Tasks Needed before Next Meeting


áá      The Steering Committee agreed to review the Harrisburg State Hospital Assessment Tool prior to the next meeting. In addition, each county representative agreed to convene a local focus group to review and provide feedback on the Harrisburg State Hospital Assessment Tool. Finally, each county can use discretion in whether to disseminate the tool to local consumers, family members, and providers for additional review. All results will be presented at the next Steering Committee meeting.

áá      Kim Patterson will email the assessment tool to the Steering Committee for discussion at the next meeting.

áá      Mary will revise the draft Announcement and Talking Points and circulate for comments.

áá      The county administrators will begin the process of executing the contracts.

áá      Tim Casey will collect permissions from the group via email so the State will release the PCIS data.


The next meeting is scheduled for 9:00 am on Friday, August 26th at the Wyndham Airport.