Mayview Service Area Planning Steering Committee

Meeting Summary

July 1, 2005



Present:           Pat Valentine, Carol Loy, Mary Jo Dickson, Deb Wasilchak, Laverne Cichon, Kevin McElligott, Pam Loaskie, Nancy Jaquette, Gerard Mike, Bob Harms, Janice Taper, Mary Fleming, Tim Casey, Brandi Mauck Phillips,



I.                   Proposal for Moving Forward


AHCI had submitted a brief proposal outline the tasks and costs involved in its continuing to work with the five counties in the Mayview Service Area Planning Process.  The county representatives asked a number of clarifying questions and made some requests to insure certain activities were included (i.e. developing the Service Area Report, preparing talking points as needed for distribution to various stakeholders, and providing assistance in identifying service models/best practices).  In addition certain activities were not included (i.e. developing individual county reports and writing any RFPs for new services. 


The counties then met without AHCI present and decided to go forward with contracting with AHCI.  Each county will contract separately with AHCI for an amount to be determined by the counties and subsequently communicated to AHCI.  It was also agreed that the required Business Associate Agreement would be integrated into the contract with each county.


It was decided that AHCI would develop a draft contract and provide the draft to each county for action.


II.                Steering Committee Membership


All of the counties agreed that the Steering Committee membership should be expanded to include a wider representation of stakeholders.  The following decisions regarding membership were made.  The County/person in parenthesis was charged with following up with the organization/individual to ascertain their interest in participating.  They agreed to communicate the results of those communications with Mary Fleming along with the contact information for those individuals


Family Members

            Carol Horowitz from NAMI SW and PA Disabilities Law Project (Pat V.)



            Meg Parks from  Allegheny County (Pat V.)

            Consumer from Beaver County (Pam Loaskie)



            Linda Zelch (Pat V.)


            George Kimes from PCPA to find two representatives (Pat V.)


Mayview Hospital

            Rich Kuppleweiser (Jan Taper)


III.             Meeting Schedule


The following schedule of meetings for the Steering committee was decided upon:


July 22 9:00 1:30

August 26 9:00 1:30

September 16 9:00 1:30

October 28 9:00 3:00  (See note below)

December 16 9:00 1:30


With the exception of the October 28th meeting, all meetings will be held at the Wyndham Airport Hotel.  The meeting on the 28th will be a two part meeting.  The morning meeting will be a regular steering committee meeting.  The afternoon meeting will be designed to inform stakeholders of the activities of the counties and to solicit their input on the work to date and plans going forward.  That meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn Express on Ft. Couch Rd. across from South Hills Village.  (Old Radisson Hotel)


IV.             Data Needs/committee


Tim Casey from AHCI distributed an outline of the type of data needed to begin the analysis (utilization and financial) for the project.  Each county was asked to designate a representative to a data committee and let Tim know who that person will be.  In addition, Laverne Cichon indicated she would designate someone from ValueOptions to assist. 


With respect to the Business Associate agreement, each county committed to sending to Brandi Mauck Phillips at AHCI a copy of what they include in their contracts, although it did appear most counties use the standard DPW language.


DPW (Candace Orr) will send Mayview data directly to AHCI once she has each countys permission to do so.  Tim will speak with her to determine if the data can be sent prior to the signing of the Agreements.


Tim then explained the goal of being able to integrate the base data, HealthChoices data and MSH data in order to get as complete as possible a view of utilization and provide the best opportunity to develop cost data.


It was also agreed that we will need further budget information (current and historical) from Mayview in order to do the type of financial modeling necessary to move forward.


V.                Assessment/Discharge Planning Committee


Kim Patterson (consultant to AHCI) will facilitate the Assessment/Discharge Planning committee.  Membership on the group will include:


                     representative from Mayview Drop In Center

                     CST representatives from the counties


                     Community Care

                     Hospital liaisons fro BSUs/SCUs

                     MSH Reps including Dale Adair, Kelly Bunda

                     NAMI Representatives (Eva Bednar was mentioned)

                     County Liaisons



It was agreed that the county reps would get the names to Mary Fleming by the end of the week.


VI.             Public Information


The counties asked AHCI to develop a general announcement of the work being undertaken by the five counties (with MSH and DPW) and to develop talking points to go with the announcement.  Those materials should be ready by the next meeting.


V.                Finance Group


There was discussion of the need for a Finance committee, but the consensus seemed to be that the Steering Committee as a whole would serve as a Finance Committee.  To the extent possible, a subset of the Data Committee will address Finance issues and prepare discussions for the full Steering committee.  Bob Harms will participate in that group and Deb Wasilchak indicated that Jim Gavin also will likely participate.  Patrick Lanahan (AHCI consultant) will head up the finance effort.



VI.             Wrap Up


Mary indicated that Tawyna Lewis from AHCI would begin attending meetings and serve somewhat as a project manager by assisting with the scheduling of meetings, preparing meeting summaries and distributing materials.  Tawynas can be reached at or 412-325-1100, ext. 785.  Expect to start getting e-mails from Tawyna.