Mayview Regional Service Area Planning Committee

Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

November 17, 2006



I.                   Review of October 20, 2006 Steering Committee Minutes


II.                Phase II Update

a.       CSP Project Status

b.      Service Planning & Funding - Submission to State


III.             Provider Meetings in 2007


IV.              Assessment and Discharge Subcommittee Discussion

a.       Role for subcommittee going forward

b.      Participants/Membership


V.                 Phase 1 Update

a.       Monthly update on CSP consumers

b.      Service Development Update by the 5 Counties


VI.              Service Area Plan Update


VII.           Function(s) of a CRT


VIII.        Communications

a.       Petition

b.      AHCI’s role

c.       MRSAP Newsletter – Vol. 2


IX.              Steering Committee Membership / Attendance


X.                 Other Items