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The Mayview Regional Service Area Plan's work plan goal is to strengthen the behavioral health systems in Allegheny, Beaver, Greene, Lawrence, and Washington counties. Drawing on the experience, knowledge, and the insights of consumers, family members, providers, advocates and county leaders, Allegheny HealthChoices, Inc. (AHCI) is working with the counties to develop a plan to provide the best in behavioral health care for the citizens of the five participating counties.

Historical data and research have shown that traditional models of institutionalization of persons with mental illness can create a barrier between individuals and their return to every day community life. The transition from institutional life to community life is precarious and can trigger relapses--relapses that can be avoided if the person has the services and supports in the community that meet their individual needs.

Stakeholders from Southwest Pennsylvania are leading the plan to re-engineer behavioral health services into a system in support of recovery and community integration. A 33-member steering committee includes behavioral health professionals, representatives from all five counties, administrators from Mayview State Hospital, consumers, and Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare representatives. AHCI has been meeting and working with the steering committee developing plans to make this initiative a reality. This web site is an ongoing progress report on and about the Service Area Plan project.
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